Organic Dog’s Dinner

dog 7

Have you ever felt sorry for your four legged friends when you are shopping for their meals? Humans have all sorts of cuisine and foods to choose from while the majority of dogs’ dinners come from a tin or a resealable bag?  I have always been proud of my attention to our golden retrievers’ diet […]

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City & Guilds


Earlier in January, I briefly mentioned that I am taking a City & Guilds course this year. It started in January and it was quite intense to start with as I have not been having homework deadlines for a few years! However, I soon got the hang of it after a couple of weeks.  It […]

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Time for a cup of CRU


For me, there is nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The aroma wakes me up right away. We invested in a filter coffee machine with grinder and timer functions, which was a treat as we wake up with coffee aroma. However, it does require a 5 minute clean after […]

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New York New Year

New York 2

Things are starting to get back to normal again since we came back from New York. We had a city break in New York and spent our New Year’s Eve there. It certainly was an experience and New York has exceeded my expectations in many ways. Though, I still think Hong Kong has an edge […]

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Dairy Free Chocolate Cake


There is still time to bake a christmassy chocolate cake now before Christmas. I baked two, one for ourselves and one for our lovely neighbour. This is a recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Dark and Sumptuous Chocolate Cake. To make it less guilty to eat at such an indulgent time of the year, I replaced […]

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Time for a Cuppa!

Tea 5

People from the ‘west’ call the English ‘tea drinkers’, but the Chinese are also very keen on their tea. Though, we have very different brewing technique and in some way we pay more attention to the brewing than the drinking! There are a million kinds of tea on the market and most of us have […]

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‘Shouldn’t Do That, Boy’


I mentioned I would do a blog about the foods and services provided by Riverford. I am surprised how few people have heard of Riverford. I first came across the company in 2008. Before I get carried away, let me first tell you some of the background to Riverford. Riverford was founded by Guy Watson who […]

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