Organic Dog’s Dinner

dog 7

Have you ever felt sorry for your four legged friends when you are shopping for their meals? Humans have all sorts of cuisine and foods to choose from while the majority of dogs’ dinners come from a tin or a resealable bag?  I have always been proud of my attention to our golden retrievers’ diet […]

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Dairy Free Chocolate Cake


There is still time to bake a christmassy chocolate cake now before Christmas. I baked two, one for ourselves and one for our lovely neighbour. This is a recipe adapted from Nigella Lawson’s Dark and Sumptuous Chocolate Cake. To make it less guilty to eat at such an indulgent time of the year, I replaced […]

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Chicken Noodle in Taiwanese Style

Chicken 3

Who doesn’t love roast chicken? Andrew and I love it, but a two people household meaning we always have loads of left over. Don’t worry, I have a super easy cold chicken noodle dish for the left over! It only takes a few minutes.  Ingredients: ♥ 2 eggs (beaten)  ♥ Leftover chicken, tear the meat into thin […]

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Asparagus Soup with Truffle Oil


The Cantonese particularly love having stir fried ‘seasonal green’.  It is guaranteed to be one of the dishes my parents will order when we are dining out and also a standard dish at home – a dish of stir fried seasonal vegetable with oil and garlic!  Therefore, having seasonal green has become a habit ever […]

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First Loaf from Sourdough

Sourdough Loaf 2

I promised that I would update you all on my first loaf from sourdough. I managed to make a loaf last week, but the weather has been so nice that I waited until today – a super wet day – to write this post.   The result was very pleasing. The loaf did not rise […]

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Sourdough Bread Part 1

Copyright of Pretty Organic 2015

As I have been baking bread at home successfully without sugar for a while, I have been looking to develop my skills and bake in a more traditional way.  I recently bought some bread baking books and all of them pointed me in the direction of making a sourdough starter.  As a sourdough starter doesn’t require […]

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