Chicken Noodle in Taiwanese Style

Chicken 3

Who doesn’t love roast chicken? Andrew and I love it, but a two people household meaning we always have loads of left over. Don’t worry, I have a super easy cold chicken noodle dish for the left over! It only takes a few minutes.  Ingredients: ♥ 2 eggs (beaten)  ♥ Leftover chicken, tear the meat into thin […]

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Asparagus Soup with Truffle Oil


The Cantonese particularly love having stir fried ‘seasonal green’.  It is guaranteed to be one of the dishes my parents will order when we are dining out and also a standard dish at home – a dish of stir fried seasonal vegetable with oil and garlic!  Therefore, having seasonal green has become a habit ever […]

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Deep Sea Fishcakes


I am pretty sure a lot of you have a very similar challenge to me when it comes to going to fitness classes in the evening.  Tuesday evenings are always dedicated to my 90 minute Ashtanga Yoga practice.  It starts at 7pm and finishes at 8:30pm.  Then, Andrew demands 15 minutes in the steam room […]

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