Organic Dog’s Dinner

dog 7

Have you ever felt sorry for your four legged friends when you are shopping for their meals? Humans have all sorts of cuisine and foods to choose from while the majority of dogs’ dinners come from a tin or a resealable bag?  I have always been proud of my attention to our golden retrievers’ diet […]

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Time for a cup of CRU


For me, there is nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The aroma wakes me up right away. We invested in a filter coffee machine with grinder and timer functions, which was a treat as we wake up with coffee aroma. However, it does require a 5 minute clean after […]

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Time for a Cuppa!

Tea 5

People from the ‘west’ call the English ‘tea drinkers’, but the Chinese are also very keen on their tea. Though, we have very different brewing technique and in some way we pay more attention to the brewing than the drinking! There are a million kinds of tea on the market and most of us have […]

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‘Shouldn’t Do That, Boy’


I mentioned I would do a blog about the foods and services provided by Riverford. I am surprised how few people have heard of Riverford. I first came across the company in 2008. Before I get carried away, let me first tell you some of the background to Riverford. Riverford was founded by Guy Watson who […]

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Sunny side up?

eggs : herbs

Eggs.  There are millions of choices in your local supermarket, vegetable store or butcher store, but do you know which is the healthiest choice for you and your family?  I am lucky to have enough space to raise chickens at home.  This ensures my family has a plentiful supply of freshly laid eggs every day.  […]

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Fancy GMO for lunch?

Whole Foods Visit 1

What is GMO? The term ‘GMO’ comes up more and more often these days.  I first came across this term as a teen, when I came across a documentary on the television studying how GMO tomato crops resist their natural pests. Recommended by Jo Wood, a columnist of the Natural Health, I watched a US […]

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Floral Chicken Coop


Those who keep chickens will perhaps be like me, and would like our chickens to have a stress free, cozy and fragrant home, just like a home that we have created for ourselves.  As winter approaches, our girls spend more hours in the coop. There are some herbs that have the natural ability to deter […]

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