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Heart 1

It is the time of the year we see a lot of romantic meal deals with a bottle of bubbly at the supermarket.   Everyone is busy organising their romantic dinner with their loved one.  Some may take their lover to an elegant restaurant as a treat, some perhaps a nice meal at home, cozy together in private.  If you are the later group, this crochet hearts garland is the perfect decoration for you

Heart 2 This multicolour crochet heart garland took only 2 hours of my Sunday to complete – I was forced to watch Godfather 2 while I was crocheting this!  Surely, you can spare 2 hours of your time to make something to colour up your house and impress your other half.  I randomly mixed red, pink and white yarn to create this look.  As long as you have basic crochet skills, you should be able to make this without any problems.  I am happy to provide guidance if you find the pattern confusing or incorrect!  


CH – Chain
DC – Double Crochet 

TC – Treble Crochet
HTC – Half Treble Crochet
SS – Slip stitch

Heart 3

Pattern for crochet heart:-

Round 1 – make a magic circle

Round 2 – CH3, 3TC, 3DC, CH1, 1TC, CH1, 3DC, 3TC, SS to the centre

Round 3 – CH3, 1DC and 1HTC in the same stitch, 3HTC, 2HTC, 1DC in to the next four stitches, 1DC CH2 1DC into the same stitch, 1DC in to the next four stitches, 2HTC, 3HTC, 1DC and 1HTC in the same stitch, CH3, SS to the centre

Round 4 – CH3, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC in to the next seven stitches, skip 1 stitch, 1DC, CH3, 1DC into the same stitchSkip 1 stitch, 1DC in to the next seven stitches, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC ,CH3, SSP top the centre

Round 5 – CH3, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC into the next eight stitches, 3DC into the 3 Chains1DC into the next eight stitches, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, CH3, SS to the centre 
Round 6 – CH3, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC onto the next eight stitches, 1DC into the next three stitches, 1DC onto the next eight stitches, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, 1DC, 2DC, CH3, SS into centre
To join and make up the garland:-
I crocheted a long chain using red, pink and white yarn together.  
Tidy all loose ends and hang it up. 

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