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Those who keep chickens will perhaps be like me, and would like our chickens to have a stress free, cozy and fragrant home, just like a home that we have created for ourselves. 

eggs : herbs

As winter approaches, our girls spend more hours in the coop. There are some herbs that have the natural ability to deter insects i.e. lavender and rosemary, which deter fleas and flies.  These herbs also relieve stress.  By putting some of these dried herbs in the coop, it can keep bugs and fleas at bay and your chickens will have a calmer living environment. 


In late summer, I harvested lavender, parsley, rosemary, lemon balm and rose petals. I air dried them in a moist free area.  Depending on the weather, the drying process takes about 2 weeks.  It is very important to make sure herbs for the chicken coop are completely dry.  Fresh herb flower petals contain high moisture levels and if they are not dried completely they will have a habit of growing mold if used in the coop.

Dried herbs

There are some chicken coop dried herb mixes available on the market for purchase, however, making your own can be quite fun and low cost.  I love making my own mix as I go along throughout the summer – it brings about a sense of a truly organic way of living.   I dry my chicken coop herb mix while I dry herbs for winter cooking. 

As I only keep hens, I like the red and pink rose petals in the coop, like a sweet girl’s room.  Have you done something similar?  What herbs do you use the most?  Please share your experience here. 

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