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Gardener Hand 2

To me, the start of British Summer Time signifies Spring has arrived and Summer is not far away!  There’s a lot going on in both flower and vegetable gardens and I am sure all the fellow gardeners out there are busy sowing or carrying out last minute tidying up.  Although  the ground starts to warm up and being outdoors is much more enjoyable, our little hard working hands suffer from a lot of harsh elements during this time.  My hands suffer from minor dermatitis.  The condition gets worse at this time of the year – I wash my hands 2 million times during the day because of all the outdoor tasks I do. 

It is well known that I dreamt of having the perfect hands and nails.  I have the most horrible nails, they are short and chipped.  I accepted that my hobbies are not hands/nails friendly, end of story.  However, my nails are so weak they need to be cut so close to the skin causing the most uncomfortable sensations.  These days, I will be over joyed if my nails remain a similar length for a whole week.  

I have found a perfect solution to treat my demanding hands/nails.  I admit it is not the most convenient solution and I recommend you only do this if you are sitting still for a while.  Here is what you need:-

A bowl which you can fit your hands in
2/3 cup of Almond Oil (or any oil in your kitchen)
Some kitchen roll

Gardener Hand 2

What to do with it?

Heat the oil up in a bowl (if you are using a microwave to heat the oil, half a minute will suffice).  Check the temperature before dipping your hands in the bowl in case the oil is too hot (we do not want deep fried human hands).  Sit back and relax for 10 minutes.  After that, you can use some kitchen roll to soak up the excess oil on your hands.  

If my hands are in really bad shape, I will do this every day for a week.  The result is almost instant.  I normally save the left over oil for the next time provided that it is not too dirty and please make sure your family members are not using it for cooking. 

Tips:- if you are like me and cannot sit still for even 1 minute without moving your hands, I suggest you dip only one hand in the bowl at a time so you have a free hand to turn a page or change the TV channel. 😉

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