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Things are starting to get back to normal again since we came back from New York. We had a city break in New York and spent our New Year’s Eve there. It certainly was an experience and New York has exceeded my expectations in many ways. Though, I still think Hong Kong has an edge over New York. (I would say that, wouldn’t I!)

As well as ticking off the normal touristy sites and activities, I managed to have a short but sweet yarn / haberdashery shopping expedition in New York. I bought some beautiful trims, buttons and yarns and look forward to using them. 


If you are looking for trims for your garments like a French jacket, you cannot miss M&J Trimming in New York, you are guaranteed to find something suitable. I have been their online customer for a while so as soon as my flight to New York was booked, I wrote down their shop address ready to go!

M&J 1

M&J Trimming is located not far from Broadway and the store is big. All walls are covered with buttons, ribbons and appliqué. Andrew and I took a short walk to the store from our hotel. As soon as he saw the size of the store, he decided to find a space in the coffee shop next door while I was swimming in the sea of buttons and trims. I spent about 45 minutes in the store scrutinising every spot there is. At the back of the store, there is a bridal department where you can find the most beautiful lace and crystals appliqué and bridal accessories. 

M&J 2M&J 3

I was very surprised with the choice on real fur trims. I have had my eyes on them for a while as I would love to make a collarless mid-length coat with fur trims on the collar and sleeves. I took some contact details from the store for when I get onto this in about 200 projects’ time!


Then we headed down to Soho for PurlSoho via China Town where we had Dim Sum for breakfast (A Cantonese custom). PurlSoho was recommended by a sewing/knitting friend of mine. I love Soho in New York, I would love to spent more time there if I ever going back. The streets are filled with works of trendy artists from fashion to artworks. Dim Sum

PurlSoho is a sweet little store. It was quite busy but staff were friendly and attentive. It has a lot of chunky yarns on display in the middle of the store and I bought some funky ones home. These yarn are super chunky and they have silk flowers attached to them. I am very much looking forward to knit some scarfs with them. 


The back of the store was full of quilting and dressmaking fabrics while the front of the store has a couple of tall tables for knitting groups. Next to the tall tables was a staff member who was busy winding skein yarns into a yarn ball for customers – what a great idea. I am not aware of such services in the UK yet. I was glad that I bought an extra suitcase as we needed it by the end of our trip! 

P.S. Some of you may know I am taking a City & Guilds Course for Fashion this year. It started a few weeks ago and I have so far learnt a lot about colour, textures and fibres. I will have a more detailed update in due course, stay tuned!

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