Organic Dog’s Dinner

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Have you ever felt sorry for your four legged friends when you are shopping for their meals? Humans have all sorts of cuisine and foods to choose from while the majority of dogs’ dinners come from a tin or a resealable bag? 

I have always been proud of my attention to our golden retrievers’ diet at home. Both Ollie and Amber enjoy a wide variety of meat, vegetables and fruits, some are raw and some are cooked. Amber has a very sensitive digestive system so we avoid chicken and turkey in her diet. Even though both our dogs are on a good diet, I am always on the journey to improve things. I have recently come across Lily’s Kitchen which has an organic line of pet foods. Out of pure curiosity, I purchased a few of their products for all our four legged friends to try out. 

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Delivery was rapid and the packaging was lovely. I purchased both the dry and wet food. For the dry dog food, I didn’t purchase the organic version simply because Amber cannot tolerate any food which contains chicken and that’s the only recipe they have for organic dry food. For the wet food, I purchased a few different organic recipes. I was skeptical at first as I am quite confident that I have been giving my dogs the best diet available and they may not be keen on dinner coming from a tin. When I opened the first pot of wet food, I could instantly see the quality of the meal. It smelled lovely and genuine (like how cooked lamb should smell). The dry food is good too. It looks healthy and non greasy, and unlike some other high end brands, it didn’t have a typical dog food smell. I mixed both dry and wet food for my dogs to try and they readily accepted it. In fact, they wanted more. I think we cannot ask for a better verdict from them.

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Next, I gave some organic cat food to my fussy cat. Just to give you a bit of background on Susie, she has always been on a raw diet. She turns up her nose to any tinned food we have given  her over the years no matter how long she is starved for. I don’t know what is in Lily’s Kitchen recipe, but Susie just wants more. 

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I am quite pleased with the results as this will make my life much easier in the future when we are going away with the dogs or they are on holiday with the carer as sometimes feeding raw food is not so convenient. 

Given the verdicts from my beloved pets, I purchased Lily’s Kitchen Recipe Book and started to prepare our very own organic dinners at home. It has been a few weeks since we started this routine and it gives  us much joy as the dogs are always patiently lying at one corner of the kitchen while I am preparing the food ahead for the week. They seems to know when I am making their dinner which is amazing.

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As I am getting more adventurous with their dinner, I have been altering a few ingredients in the original Lily’s Kitchen Recipe Book. This recipe book is my bible as it dedicates a chapter to what vegetables and herbs are safe for dogs to consume. With two dogs and a cat at home, we will never waste unused meat and vegetables as I can always use them for meat loaf and freeze them ready for the future. 

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                                                             When’s dinner ready?

What do you normally feed your beloved pet? Perhaps you can give Lily’s Kitchen a go too, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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