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Pattern cutting

Some of you may know that I have signed myself up for a 6 week course to learn to creating custom pattern block.

The course is run by a local sewing school.  It is a very intensive course and requires some basic Maths skills (even I can do it).

Why learn to draw patterns?

There are so many commercial patterns out there ready to be cut and made into the perfect garment, so why bother drawing my own patterns?  I know some of you are very good at adapting commercial patterns.  However, sometimes we may have a dress or top in our mind and we just cannot find a commercial pattern to archive the look.  This is when the self-drawn pattern come into play.

I have just finished my fifth class and I am going to finish my course next week with a pattern block which will fit me perfectly and I will use this to create all sorts of clothing from my imagination.

Our tutor has recommended this book to us as a reference.  I have not yet purchased my copy but I will eventually buy one as I want to make clothes for Andrew and others and I think it will help me to refresh the skills I learnt from the course.  I would love to hear your comments if any of you own this book.

To test out my pattern block, I have already signed up to a tailored jacket course which runs on two consecutive Sundays.  Stay tuned for my next creations.

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