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If you are one of our regular readers, I am sure you know I am an eco-friendly and sustainability conscious geek!  When I call myself an eco-friendly geek, I don’t mean recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans only.  I am talking about recycling food and kitchen waste…and yes(!), some one has to do the dirty jobs!

How many of you recycle kitchen waste? Some of you may have a compost bin / heap (or a few if you are like me) at home which you fill with kitchen waste like vegetable peelings, egg shells, kitchen rolls, newspaper, magazine and grass cuttings – the list is endless. 
Some of you may not have a compost bin at home due to lack of outdoor space.  Your most convenient method of recycling will be putting your kitchen waste in a brown caddy bin (or maybe in a different colour) provided by the local council.
I cannot speak for you, but I stopped using my caddy bin since it made so much mess on my kitchen surfaces, it was more of a liability than a help. Plus, it is quite an unsightly thing to have on a kitchen worktop, don’t you think? 
I have been lucky enough to test out an up and coming product – Obeo.  The product is a real innovation for kitchen waste recycling. 
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Obeo is a compostable brown paper box which can sit on the kitchen worktop by the sink (or anywhere you prefer), taking all the ordinary kitchen waste (and depending on your local council, you may be able to recycle cooked meat as well) and throw it straight into the brown bin when full. 
Obeo 3
Being made of brown paper, Obeo is more environmentally friendly than those biodegradable caddy bin bags you can get from the supermarket. 
Kate and Liz, founders of Obeo, have kindly sent me a few to try out and I really love them.  One Obeo can last me up to 3 days. I chuck in coffee ground, juicer pulp, vegetable peels, kitchen roll, egg shells and food waste (vegetable only).  Obeo stays upright so no dripping or leaking at all.  Once I have filled up an Obeo I simply seal the bag (a feature of Obeo) and throw into my brown bin.  
If you are a keen gardener and make compost from kitchen waste, you can throw your Obeo into your compost heap.  The brown paper can be the ‘brown’ items in your compost – one stone two birds. 


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