‘Shouldn’t Do That, Boy’


I mentioned I would do a blog about the foods and services provided by Riverford. I am surprised how few people have heard of Riverford. I first came across the company in 2008. Before I get carried away, let me first tell you some of the background to Riverford.

Riverford was founded by Guy Watson who is passionate about growing organic vegetables. He started delivering vegetables locally to some friends in Devon and it has now become an award winning organic ‘produce box’ delivery business across the UK.

veg box 1

As well as their signature fruit and veg box, Riverford also provides ‘recipe box’, ‘meat box’ and some day to day commodities i.e. milk, butter and eggs. I would recommend those busy families to try the recipe box – you will never have an excuse to eat out or order take away again! Once you become a customer, you will be invited to their regular dinner evening where you will learn a few tricks on cooking organic vegetables and make friends who share the same values as you.

veg box 2

The Quality

OK, back to the box scheme. As we are a two people household, we generally order delivery in ‘a la carte’ style instead of the standard box. Some of you will surely know that I am a juice freak – we have green juice in the morning and therefore I like to pick my own combination of vegetables instead of having the standard box. I love the fact that the soil is still attached to the celeries and carrots, the fragrance of the carrots fills your kitchen as soon as you wash them. I have never come across such fresh produce apart from those from my own patch.

veg box 3

Even Ollie approves the freshness!

The meat is pretty amazing too! Andrew cannot cook, his cooking skills only extend to fried eggs and grilled bacon! However, he has this amazing skill that he can tell where the meat is from by only tasting it. If I have to get some meat for dinner, which is not from our normal butcher, he is guaranteed to be able to tell. For the record, he prefers the meat from Riverford than our local award winning butcher who has been appointed by Her Majesty The Queen!

The Service

From the ordering to the delivery, it is flawless. I am a fussy customer and I am very pleased with the service. The delivery is prompt and neat; boxes are always by the door side with no problem. The staff are friendly, approachable and nothing is too much of a trouble for them.

The boxes are always nicely presented. The meat box has ice packs and insulation wrapping to ensure they are as fresh as they can be in case you will be out for a few hours before you can put them in the fridge. If you know you will not be in to receive the delivery, you can provide cool bags with ice packs inside for the dairy products. The driver will place the products inside the cool bag. How ‘cool’ is that?

veg box 5

You may be worried that there is a lot of waste on the packaging, but fear not. If you leave the boxes, ice packs, insulation wrapping and plastic bags out on the day of the next delivery, the driver will pick them all up and re-use them. You cannot get more eco-friendly than that.

veg box 4

I hope you will give Riverford a try after reading this. Better yet, try their recipe box, there is no excuse to have a hearty healthy meal even if you are too busy to prepare dinner from scratch! Finally, I love this quotation on Riverford’s paper bag by Guy Watson:

“I love to wander across the fields and taste the different varieties as they grow. A few years ago I was doing this with a non-organic farmer, who was growing lettuces for the supermarkets, I bent down to pick a leaf. He stopped me and warned ‘Shouldn’t do that, boy”. His lettuces were sprayed every week for aphids. Hang on – this is a farmer who wouldn’t eat his own food. Intuitively, anybody knows that’s crazy. Food should be fit to eat out of the field.”


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