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For me, there is nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The aroma wakes me up right away. We invested in a filter coffee machine with grinder and timer functions, which was a treat as we wake up with coffee aroma. However, it does require a 5 minute clean after each morning and sometimes I got told off for not remembering to clean the machine. (My job is to empty it and clean it, and Andrew’s job is to refill it ready for the next morning!)

Therefore, I started looking for an alternative which would be quick, easy and tasty! We went on holiday and noticed those little Nespresso machines are getting more popular especially in hotel rooms. We enjoyed the coffee produced by this little machine very much and I suggested we should get one when we get home. Andrew being a man was a little skeptical about the practicality of these machines and also the cost of each capsule.

After researching online and asking a coffee expert friend, I decided ‘we’ will get a Nespresso machine. I am sure you know there are a lot of different brands of Nespresso machines on the market and they are very similar to one another. I went ahead and purchased a KitchenAid Nespresso machine in the end, not because it is the best or the cheapest one on the market, but purely because I could get the same colour on the Nespresso machine to match my beloved Candy Apple Red Stand Mixer.

We received some vouchers to purchase Nespresso capsules on the Nespresso website when we purchased the machine and that was a bonus. Very soon after, we started to run out of vouches and capsules so I went on the journey of searching for the best Nespresso machine-friendly capsules online. I was most interested to find organic coffee capsules. Like most fruit and vegetables, coffee plants may be chemically sprayed in a conventional coffee plantation. Therefore, the safest bet is certified organic coffee, which is when I found CRU Kafe

CRU Kafe offer organic coffee capsules which are Nespresso machine friendly, so right away I was attracted to it. CRU Kafe was founded in 2013 by three coffee loving friends who are on the journey to find the finest coffee for Nespresso machines. After failing to find anything satisfying, they decided to create their own coffee. The capsules are made from coffee beans grown on a 140 year old plantation on the San Cristobal Island of the Galapagos where, by local law, only 5,000 bags are allowed to be exported per year. The coffee is also organically produce and recognised by the Organic Soil Association. As well as being organic, the capsules are recyclable and you can clearly see the effort that has gone into making the products as environmentally friendly as possible. 

After reading the website, I wanted to try the coffee so I emailed the company for some samples. I did not know whether my request would be welcomed. Within the same day, I received a lovely email and the next day I had a pretty little box of coffee capsules by my door. 


As per the company ethos, the packaging is very minimalistic, the box of capsules comes in an envelope, the box is made with recycled cardboard and there is nothing that cannot be recycled in the packaging. Inside the box are 8 capsules and a taste card. I tried the ‘Intense’ capsule as soon as I opened the packaging and I was not disappointed. It tasted very different from the ‘other brand’ of capsules and it was noticeably smooth.  


A bag of 24 capsules is sold for £6.96 on their website which means each capsule costs 29 pence. This is very competitive compared with the other brands of capsules on the market.  

There is just not enough organic coffee on the market and I am very pleased I found CRU Kafe. Why not go on to CRU Kafe to request your tester pack and decide for yourself? 

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