Time for a Cuppa!

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People from the ‘west’ call the English ‘tea drinkers’, but the Chinese are also very keen on their tea. Though, we have very different brewing technique and in some way we pay more attention to the brewing than the drinking!

There are a million kinds of tea on the market and most of us have our own particular favourite. My all time favourite is English Breakfast. What can I say – I am a very ordinary girl! I love it with milk or a couple slices of lemon. Having lemon instead of milk has become my default preference as I am trying to cut down my milk consumption. I also love the Red Bush (also known as Rooibos) tea, but today’s hero is Earl Grey! There are many tales about the invention of this tea and many are related to one of our Prime Ministers; Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. The tea is traditionally a black tea blended with citrus favour and aroma from the oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange. These days Earl Grey tea can be a black tea or a green tea blend. 

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I received a beautiful Earl Grey Green Tea gift set from Williamson Tea last week and I have been looking forward to sharing my views with you all. First, this is the perfect gift for Christmas to anyone who is a bit of a tea addict. It comes with a gorgeous elephant tea caddy, which you can use for its intended purpose or as a tin for the sewing room. If you visit the Williamson Tea website, you will understand why I intend to try all their tea just to have the whole collection of their elephant caddies. It even comes with an enamel cup for your enjoyment.

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Being Chinese, I prefer to drink my non-English Breakfast tea as it comes or with slices of lemon. As Earl Grey is famous for its aroma of bergamot, I could not resist trying it with lemon. It felt like a fragrant bomb had hit me as soon as I opened the elephant caddy even though the tea bags were tightly sealed inside a plastic bag.

In our kitchen we have an instant hot tap, which produces water at exactly 98 degrees Celsius for a perfect cuppa! I let it brew for a couple of minutes while I sliced the organic lemon. I dropped a slice in and let it sit for a moment. It was the freshest taste of tea I have ever tasted. It was tantalising, fragrant and uplifting.

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The bergamot lingered in my mouth for a long time after each sip. It is just perfect for these horrible wet days to enjoy a cup of fresh Earl Grey green tea while knitting, sewing or writing a blog (yes, I have a cup next to me now). I personally think the lemon enhances the bergamot aroma in the tea.

I am sure you all know I am very interested in helping or promoting sustainable farming. Williamson Tea very much shares my values. The tea is grown, picked and packed in their farms in Kenya. As well as sustainable farming, Williamson Tea set up The Williamson Tea Foundation. The foundation will donate £1 from the sale of each elephant caddy sold on the website to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which offers hope to the future of Kenya’s elephant and rhino populations as they struggle against the threat of poaching for their ivory/horns and also the loss of habitat due to human population, conflict and deforestation. What could be better than doing some charity while having a causal afternoon cuppa? Keep calm and have a cup of Williamson!

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PS :Williamson Tea has kindly donated an extra gift set of their Earl Grey Green Tea as a giveaway for this month. The first UK reader who replies below with the correct answer will be eligible for this beautiful gift set. The competition will end on 29 November 2015. 

Question: What year was Williamson Tea founded?


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